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Raised Access Floor


  • GIFAfloor DB Rohlinge

    GIFAfloor DB core panels


    Since the 1970s raised access floors made of GIFAfloor DB core panels have revolutionized the floor design in buildings. Initially, the raised access floor constructions were only designed for technical rooms but soon after they were discovered as the ideal solution for the entire office building.

    They provided an unique opportunity of guaranteeing that the increasing requirements towards a flexible room utilization could be met. The panel size of 600 x 600 mm allows a flexible and easy initial installation as well as later on accessibility to the elements and a retrofitting capability, due to the fact that every floor panel can be lifted and ensures free access to the installation in the void below. Additionally, the entire floor structure is non combustible.

    The raised access floor core panels which we deliver to a number of large industrial customers for further processing can be combined with all standard floor materials to achieve robust and stylish floor finishes; they are installed on stable and height- adjustable steel constructions, which guarantee an equally high load-bearing capacity of the raised access floor system.

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  • GIFAfloor DB green

    GIFAfloor DB green


    Our GIFAfloor DBgreen raised access floor system is ecologically and economically sound.

    The GIFAfloor DBgreen raised access floor panels are manufactured in our factory without an additional pvc edge protection.

    Our system creates an absolutely even surface area for the installation of any type of self-laying carpet tiles. Due to the elimination of the pvc edge trim GIFAfloor DBgreen raised access floor panels can be recycled easier than conventional raised access floor elements.

    Many of our customers from different countries have already recognized the benefits of this system and use GIFAfloor DBgreen in all situations where self-laying carpet tiles were chosen as the floor covering.

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