Knauf Knauf

Intelligent Solutions for contemporary installations


  • GIFAfloor

    GIFAfloor systems enable fixed, flexible and, above all, very resilient floor structures with low installation heights. Even high fire protection and noise protection requirements are met with flying colors. GIFAfloor is the basis for all types of floor coverings and guarantees the fastest construction time thanks to a very high installation rate.

    GIFAfloor system floors are the perfect solution for large areas that are heavily used. Because in addition to their robust surface, it is their “inner workings” that offer space for ideas. The cavity construction allows building technology and other installations to be conveniently accommodated - including the option of easy maintenance and modification.
  • GIFAboard

    GIFAboard is the ideal solution for wall and ceiling cladding with high fire protection requirements and also functions as ramming protection and as attractive cladding of components.

    Walls are important structures in buildings, but should never be too dominant. With GIFAboard you give your walls exactly the appearance that fits your aesthetic concept. Whether small-scale profiles, structuring wall inlays or walls with certain acoustic properties: Draw on the full when it comes to the optical and technical modifications of the material.